Thursday, August 6, 2009

Automotive Mystery in Popular Song Lyrics - Two Examples

For some reason, the song "Dreamin' Man" from Harvest Moon popped into my head today. It contains one of my favorite Neil Young lyrics (and certainly my favorite lyric referencing a minivan):

In the meadow dust I park my Aerostar
With a loaded gun and sweet dreams of you

It's like one of those William Eggleston photos that makes you wonder, "What kind of s**t is about to go down here?"

The lines from "Dreamin' Man" then made me think of a similarly mysterious, though slightly less ominous, moment in The Clientele's "Porcelain" from The Violet Hour:

Driving through the forest in the empty afternoon
a Japanese car stalled inside a glade

Note: In looking up "Dreamin' Man" to check my memory, I noticed that the lyric is actually "meadow dusk" not "meadow dust" as I remembered it. I guess "dusk" is a little better.

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