Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bob Yourself A Merry Dylan Christmas

So, I listened to the song that Dylan is streaming from his new Christmas album, the polka-ish "Must Be Santa". Neither a Christmas rarity nor a familiar favorite, Dylan takes the tune at a manic tempo, aided by some shouted/sung band vocals (I'm presuming it's the band and not backup singers) and a tasty Flaco Jimenez-style accordion (it might even be Flaco himself). If forced to sum it up in the most facile way possible by simply comparing it to other bands, I would say that the formula is The Pogues+Brave Combo+Texas Tornadoes.

After hearing this one track, I think I can safely say that the album won't be a trainwreck. Probably a person's appreciation of it will be largely determined by how much he or she enjoys A) Christmas music and B) Bob Dylan's last few albums. If you're into both, order now. As they say, it's for a good cause.

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