Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Putting '09 To Bed...Not So Fast

This recent post at Do The Math reminded me of my bloggerly duty to produce some year-end lists. I enjoy reading these kinds of lists, and writing them is a good excuse for a pleasant reminiscence of the past year's cultural intake. However, since I've got high expectations for some of the movies and live music (and maybe even books) that I hope to check out in the remaining weeks of the year, my lists will probably be posted after Christmas, or maybe even in early January. Categories I'm working on include:
  • Best Books of the 2000s (That I Read in 2009)
  • Best DVDs I Got From Netflix in 2009
  • Best Live Music Experienced in 2009
Being able to add at least one more entry to each of these in the next few weeks would help make this a December To Remember, in the words of a particularly grating car commercial.

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