Friday, May 28, 2010

Jazz Writing School Final Exam Essay Question

Compare and contrast:

Mingus 1964 (w/ Jaki Byard, Eric Dolphy, and Clifford Jordan)


Mingus 1974 (w/ Don Pullen, George Adams, and Hamiet Bluiett).

Pay special attention to the piano.

Perhaps, a better comparison would be to this lesser-known 1972 edition of the group, since they're playing the same tune, "Peggy's Blue Skylight", but I just really love the Adams-Pullen era of Mingus (especially Changes Two) and wanted an excuse to link to that badass Umbria video.

Though it would be a good exercise, I don't think I will be completing this "assignment".  We're on the cusp of a three-day holiday weekend, after all, and I'm pretty sure I'm not up to the challenge.

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