Monday, April 20, 2009

Name That Book = Cure for Writer's Block

I noticed this new discussion group on the book cataloging site The idea is that if you can't think of the title of a book you remember reading, you can post what you remember about the plot and somebody will presumably be able to ID it for you.

After looking at the postings so far, though, I think an alternate use would be as an idea generator for writers. Want to write a book, but not sure what to write about? You could do worse that these ideas, cut and pasted as-is from the subject lines of "Name That Book" posts. Plus, they're vague enough that you won't be sued for plagiarism.

"Breeding ochids (or roses), on a Island, during the war, she grows to become a model, pearls?"

"An anthropolgy major who lives in a tent, finds a buried vase with prehistoric corn"

"many kinds of demons wreaking all kinds of havoc" [this person may have just been remembering an old Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode]

"Pink river dolphins"

"Harlequin or Mills & Boon Romance set in Wales about mining" [insert "shaft" joke here]

"Sci-fi/fantasy where girl has special sweat that allows her to dance in fire"

"Romance - retired race car driver and young nursing student"

"Kid drowns in smelly creek/river/some body of water"

"Elephant with Peanut"

"Zombie Book Set In Baltimore, MD"

"Woman in abusive relationship becomes a reader for books on tape"

"Children's book about a 10 year old bald alien..."

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