Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Beautiful in a Dopy Memory" - Fred Hersch Trio at Small's

I was going to write a piece about seeing the Fred Hersch Trio on Tuesday night at Small's, but then I came across a blog post that said everything I wanted to say better than I could. This is jazz vocalist Yuki Yamaguchi, auto-translated from Japanese by Excite:

Loved pianist Fred Hersch to ..listening.. smalls in the evening.
The jet lag is too awful and consideration is faint though it sat when full mesne ….
The piano of Fred was beautiful in a dopy memory.
However, it was too good. (tears)

Except for the jet lag part, I wholeheartedly endorse her sentiments. It really was "too good (tears)".

Fred Kaplan (the world's only jazz and foreign affairs writer?) has a piece that covers Hersch at Small's and manages to make me feel guilty in advance for not seeing more live music this week.

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