Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eaten Lately, NYC (#3 in a Series) - Donut Pub

On my first morning back from vacation, I finally tried a place I'd been wondering about for a long time, The Donut Pub on 14th & 7th in Manhattan. I'd seen it cited as one of NYC's best for donuts, and the name is an attention-grabber (though I wish someone would open a real donut pub, with a liquor license). I'd never been in the neighborhood when I was in the mood for donuts, though, until this morning.

To render a full verdict, I'll need to return for more extensive sampling, but I think I can safely say that Peter Pan's place as my donut gold standard is safe for now. Donut Pub's plain, unglazed old-fashioned was good, but if Peter Pan's is a 100, DP's is about a 75 or 80. Slightly less dense in the middle and slightly less crisp on the outside than PP's old-fashioned, it made for good dunking but just didn't quite reach the pinnacle of fried dough.

I also tried a biscuit, mostly because I was surprised to see it. It was OK, more spongy than crumbly (not a good thing, IMO), but you can't judge a donut place on the quality of a biscuit. Next time I might opt for something glazed, dipped, or filled. The choices in this realm seemed very promising.

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