Monday, June 8, 2009

Dream Journal #1 - A Dark Premonition???

Posting this makes me a little uneasy. I guess I'm afraid that I might be opening a window into a corner of my psyche best left hidden. But here goes:

Last night, I had a dream about tonight's David Byrne concert in Prospect Park. Except it wasn't in Prospect Park. The tall, two-level stage was set up in an empty lot. The Dave Matthews Band was also on the bill. Among other items for sale, you could buy a George Jones Greatest Hits album at the merch table.

And here's the weirdest part: playing in David Byrne's band were MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, on standup bass, and his father, also on standup bass. For the record, I know nothing about Joe Scarborough's father or even if he's still living.

David Byrne was on the upper level of the stage playing acoustic guitar. Scarborough and Scarborough were on the lower level, side by side, plucking away at their basses. I have no idea what song it was.

I'm planning to attend the real David Byrne show tonight, and I have two wishes: that the forecast for rain turns out to be wrong, and that my dream doesn't turn out to be a premonition.

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