Friday, June 5, 2009

Free Prog-Folk

Free as in "doesn't cost money", that is. In musical terms, can something be "prog" and "free" at the same time, or does "prog" imply too much in the way of structure? Let's consider that a rhetorical question and move on.

The point of this post is that Amazon has several free Stackridge MP3s available, just the thing for those who prefer their downloads guilt-free and their English folk-rock progressive. Stackridge is one of those bands I'd heard about but never heard until coming across these tracks. "English", "folk" or "folk-rock", and "progressive" are all probably accurate descriptions of the music, but they don't quite capture it. The band's Wikipedia entry lists a rather preposterous-sounding set of influences, but I definitely hear a bit of the Beatles and maybe some Syd Barrett. They certainly seem quite a bit poppier and more eclectic than folky contemporaries like Fairport Convention or Pentangle.

I particularly recommend "Dora the Female Explorer", which preceded the TV show by about 28 years.

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