Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dream Journal #2 - (Old &) New Dream(s)

I listened to two albums on my brand name portable digital music delivery device yesterday, both featuring Charlie Haden on bass. Unfortunately, the combination of street and subway noise and my not-quite-enough-noise-cancelling, less-than-audiophile quality earbuds meant that Haden was all but inaudible. Perhaps trying to compensate for his absence in my headphones, Haden showed up last night in a dream.

In the dream, I was supposed to be playing guitar with him and Paul Bley. Haden had the tunes picked out and showed me the charts he had put together. They were very basic outlines, some I understood and some I didn't. I think one was just a list of 6 or 7 chords. Strangest of all, some of the tunes seemed to be inspired by Dr. Seuss.

We never actually got around to playing. Charlie was ready to go, but Bley was taking a long time doing some kind of meticulous preparation, and I was having a hard time hooking up a ridiculously long chain of effects pedals. I realized I was way out of my league and was afraid that they thought I was some kind of Bill Frisell-level player. I was hoping I could fake my way through it, but the dream ended before I got the chance.

After having that dream, I probably should go see this. I'll be sure to leave the guitar at home.

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