Friday, July 31, 2009

Pao! (The Follow-Up)

Back in May, I wrote about wanting to try the new Mumbai snack food restaurant Aamchi Pao on Bleecker St. It wasn't open yet at the time, but I've been twice since and it's excellent. All the slider-sized pao I've tried have been good, and I also enjoyed the variants on bhel puri they served as "chaat of the day".

I always like to try "exotic" sodas, so when I noticed Thums Up [sic] in the refrigerator case last time I was there, I had to give it a try. It's not all that different from Coke (and actually owned by Coca-Cola), but the name and graphics won me over. Also gotta love a non-alcoholic drink whose slogan is "Taste the Thunder!"

As much as I like Aamchi Pao, my real reason for writing about it again was to mention that a prediction I made in my earlier post has now come to pass. Here's what I wrote in May:

"Shopsin's has been adding some Indian items to their menu lately. I can imagine a deliciously Shopsin-ized version of pao bhaji showing up one of these days."

Well, today I looked at the latest version of Shopsin's ever-evolving menu (a fun thing to do any time, but an especially good idea when you're planning to eat there soon) and noticed that pav bhaji (apparently "pao" and "pav" are alternate spellings of the same thing) has indeed been added to the menu. If Shopsin's is open long enough, it's possible that some version of every dish in all the cuisines of the world will eventually appear on the menu.

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