Thursday, February 25, 2010

First They Came For The Bundt Cake, And I Said Nothing...

I initially misread "food deserts" as "food desserts" in this Village Voice headline:

Michelle Obama Wants to Eliminate Food Deserts in Seven Years

and thought, "Maybe we really are on the road to tyranny" and also, "aren't all desserts 'food'?"


Eric said...

Isn't she also trying to fight childhood obesity? Maybe "They" are coming to take away the Ding Dongs and Chocodiles. As Heston would say - (picture me in front of a large crowd holding a Chocodile above my head in my right hand) "From my cold dead hands!"

Steve said...

If I ever get the urge to eat a Chocodile again, I hope Michelle is there to take it away from me. I'm not giving up the Swiss Cake Rolls, though. I will hunker down like a Branch Davidian if they come for those.