Friday, February 26, 2010

Unexpected Spam (AKA Inbox Got Biffled)

How did Red Man tobacco get my email address?  Got a message from them this morning promoting their Red Man Moist Snuff and the Red Man Racing Team (featuring Greg Biffle driving the #27).  Does it have anything to do with the Georgia Satellites CD I purchased recently?  Gotta say, though, the prospect of winning a Biffle-autographed pit crew fire suit is almost enough to make me start dippin'.

[Note to Red Man: I am not serious.  Please do not send me any free samples.]

[Note to kids: Do not put this stuff in your mouth.  Your lips will fall off.  Not right away, but eventually.]

[Note to readers: Please do not think I am making fun of the Georgia Satellites.  They were awesome.  Two words: "Battleship Chains".]

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