Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RT @jnorwich And All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well

I can't retweet this because I'm not on Twitter, but I was glad to see this morning that Roger Ebert and Will Leitch, two writers I admire (and yes, I am a little biased because we're all Illinoisans who went to the same school - call me provincial) have exchanged a sort of online hug.  After Leitch's heartfelt, confessional piece yesterday (I knew Ebert was an inspiration to Leitch, but didn't know the rest of the story - Ebert really put away one and a half Papa Del's pies?!?), I have to admit the Selected Ballads' heart was warmed a little to read this on Ebert's Twitter:

"A sweet article by a long time friend who did indeed once bring a wince to my fat face. All is forgiven."

The idea of gaining the acceptance of your hero and then chucking it away and having to live with the regret - that's heavy stuff.  Hard to be cynical or snarky in the face of something like that (and yes, the piece was on Deadspin and can accurately be called "sweet" and "heartfelt").  I'm glad Leitch got the chance to make it right. 

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