Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dream Journal #6 - Lost In A Dream, or Eliot Spitzer Live At The Village Vanguard

I dreamed that I was going to see the Paul Motian-Jason Moran-Greg Osby trio at the Village Vanguard (which I hope to actually do in waking life later this week).  I was going to the late set, but got there as the early set was close to wrapping up.  Motian was playing a cardboard drum kit with parallelogram-shaped drums, and Moran was on cello (even though there was a piano on stage).  Then more cellists came up out of the audience and joined in as Motian quickly showed them the tune.  Not sure what Osby was doing during all this.

Then, as I was waiting around between sets, the Vanguard had been transformed into some kind of big hall, and former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer was leading everybody outside, telling us we had to clear the hall because a woman had just given birth to twins.  I was waiting for an old friend to arrive for the late set, but it took me a long time to find him and I'd forgotten my cell phone.  Then I ran into one of my cousins who was attending a class reunion at a nearby school.  I don't remember much more, except that at some point I helped carry a piece of the cardboard drum kit to the stage from some kind of truck or trailer.

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