Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Give Back The Key To My Head

Any fan of The Mighty Boosh will find this image (on one of my new favorite blogs, Crap Jazz Covers) very familiar.  It got me wondering, what are the roots of the "door/window in the forehead" image?  Has anyone done a typological study of doors and/or windows in foreheads?  Is there a long thread about it on some Mighty Boosh message board? 

The original appearance of Rudi in Boosh Series 1 reminded me of that one scene in Cocteau's Blood of a Poet, but where did they get the door?  An old psych album cover?  Or did it just come naturally from some combination of the phrases "open your mind" and "doors of perception"?  Actually, that's probably it.

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only words to play with said...

Perhaps Magritte did something in this vein? He's always painting human faces as candlesticks, and clouds as human faces. And he likes to play with frames, mirrors, and canvases; painting them as part of or extensions of the human body.